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When the lives of estranged twins Mal and Faye finally collide after seven years, old scars are sliced open and a family’s past and present unravels. Veering from India to Nebraska, Away From is a savage play about family, loss and the lengths to which we go to cling to memory.

Away From was workshopped at Dixon Place in December 2015 (dir. Ilana Becker) and with Live Source Theatre Group in February 2016 (dir. Nikki Rothenberg).


On a camping trip in Colorado, Michelle shows up to support her friend Jen’s coming out and is reunited with old college friends. After Jen comes out, her husband James disappears into the woods. Two days later, he shows up dead, causing the group to reel in shock and remaining friendships to splinter apart.

Look Up was developed on the 2016 Fresh Ground Pepper Artist retreat.


When unknown forces threaten the orderly life within The Dome, it’s up to the newest Dome Guards Molly and Greg to save their fragile underwater society.

The Unfathomable Blue was developed on retreat with Full Stop Collective and in Mariah McCarthy’s Write the Play class. It had a staged reading at the March Paper Kraine at The Kraine Theatre and was part of The Navigators’ Dark Matter Reading Series in June 2017.